How do teachers check for plagiarism? Here are tips!

How do teachers check for plagiarism - A+ Teacher

Plagiarism is a thing that you always meet as a teacher. It is also a hot topic among educators nowadays. The internet has enabled us to gain information from it, but it also enables us to copy from it. Students are also tempted to copy from the internet to look for good resources for their homework or even papers.

There are number of ways teachers can do to know whether students are plagiarizing or not. There are number of websites which help teachers to identify plagiarism. You type in a portion of your student’s paper and run it through a plagiarism checker to see if those words appear elsewhere on the Internet. If they do, your student may have plagiarized. These are the list of the websites:

I hope the link above will help you as a teacher to identify plagiarism. I know it is not an easy task to do cause you have to type it, but it is worth to try if you really want to know. However, if you don’t want to deal with paperwork, you can always be an online English teacher. But how? You can join A+Teacher by signing up at and get your $100!

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