What are the best summer jobs? Here’s the list!

summer job english teacher - A+ Teacher

Summer is approaching! What are you going to do during summer then? Are you still clueless? That’s okay, I’m here to enlighten you. Here are best summer jobs in 2019:

Walk dogs on rover

You love animal? Especially dogs? Then, this may be your dream job! Walking the dog and get paid is the best thing to do.

Sell on amazon

Do you have unused things but still worth to use? Don’t dump it! Try to sell it on amazon and you may get extra cash for that McD fries.

Professional Proofreader

Are you a very detailed person? Do you like to read? Be a professional proofreader. You may earn up to $18 per hour. Sounds good, right?

Start a blog

You have a passion for writing, but don’t know how to enhance it? You can start your own blog! You can start by writing about things that you love and passionate about, and maybe get affiliates from it!

Teach English online!

This is the last one but not the least. Are you an English teacher? Then, unleash your potential during the summer by joining an online English teaching platform. Which one? We suggest you to sign up for A+Teacher www.aplus-teacher.com Get your first $100 by joining for the first time. We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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