How do teachers communicate with students? Just talk!

How do teachers communicate with students - A+ Teacher

Hey, you are probably reading this because you want to communicate effectively with your students, right? Okay, I believe you can communicate well with your students but you can always improve it. Don’t worry, we will summarize it for you.

Begin at your first day at school

Try to make everything clear at the first day of your class. Explain all the guidelines and rules in your class. 

Be proactive

Some students are shy to express their feelings and questions, therefore you should be the one who ask questions first to make the students engage in your class.

Become an active listener

To become an active listener means, we hear others perspectives without assumptions or judging first. Also, you can respond to your students by saying things like, “I’m glad that you let me know your situation…”

Communicate clearly and briefly.

Some teachers try to give the students information more than they can handle, this causes students to think differently than the teachers’ mean. Teachers could fix this by giving information slowly, clearly, and step by step.

Do repetition

It’s okay to repeat things, because some students will only understand if they hear information repeatedly.

Make humor

Include some humor in your conversation–don’t be too serious. After all, everyone loves humor especially children.

Those are six things you can do to improve your communication with the students. It is not hard to improve if you already have some basic understanding. However, you can also improve your communication skills by teaching students from different parts of the world. Yep, you can do that by becoming an online English teacher. Join A+Teacher at to get your first $100!

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