How do you deal with difficult parents? Patient!

How do you deal with difficult parents - A+ Teacher

Hello, are you stressed out because you have to deal with difficult parents? Don’t worry, as a teacher, this is a very common thing you meet all the time. However, even you will meet this kind of parents, you will also meet the good ones-the ones who give you gifts at the end of the semester or even a dinner voucher over fancy restaurant. Anyway, let me share some tips for you how to handle these difficult parents.

Don’t do surprises

If you know something wrong with your students from the first of the semester (e.g. this student likes skipping class, not doing the homework, etc), you have to notify the parents right away. Don’t wait until the end of semester when you reveal all the ‘bad things’ that the students have done. However, I know, even if we notify parents at first, they sometimes forget. That’s why you need to remind them frequently and keep in touch using email, or even WhatsApp.

Meet face to face

Try to invite parents to meet with you face to face personally to resolve the problems. Don’t speak over phone or email. By this, you can show them the proof of their child skipping class, or their portfolio. After all, it is easier for parents to speak rude things through phone or email rather than face to face

Let the principal know about the situation

If you know you are going to meet this “difficult” parents, let the principal know about your situation. 

Listen and ask questions

Listen and wait while the parents are complaining. Ask questions why they are unhappy. Do not get angry or become defensive. 

Don’t allow yourself to be pressured

A few parents will ask you to change their children grade or even to move them into a better class. It’s okay for parents to be angry but it is not okay for them to be abusive. If you think what they do to you is beyond limit, you can refer them to the principal.

I’m going to remind you again, during your career, you will meet this kind of parents. Thus, it is very important to possess this kind of skill. Anyway, despite worrying this thing, you can be an online English teacher at A+Teacher. Sign up at and get your first $100!

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