How teachers deal with large classes? Make it small!

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So, are you a teacher? That’s nice! And now, you have a large class? That’s nicer! Welcome to the new class. I know, it might be overwhelming for you to handle class consists of 40-50 students. However, don’t you worry, because everything is gonna be okay! Here are some tips for you!

Make powerpoint as your best friend

Well, well, well. This is true though.  You really have to make powerpoint as your best friend. PowerPoint could help you deliver the message that you want to say to the students. If you are an English teacher, you can try to include some basic vocab to make the students know what you are talking in class.

Call on random students

This is the best way to keep students paying attention. Even you sometimes will feel sorry for students who is embarrassed get called when they are talking with other students, or even daydreaming. It’s okay, it is the thing that you should do as a teacher to keep everyone focused

Make the class interesting

If you teach kindergarten students, you can ask them to dance and sing along with you. However, if you teach older students, how can you make it an interesting one? Well, you can include funny pictures on your ppt to catch the students’ attention. Or, you can also attach funny videos and gifts for a refreshment.

Anyway, those all the tips I could offer to you on how to deal with a large class. If you do not want to deal with this, you can consider becoming an online English teacher with A+Teacher. With this, you do not have to deal with large class as every class is designated for 1 on 1. How? Sign up at and get your first $100!

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